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Aircraft Technology

About the Program


"In the future, everything will be airborne. All wars, all civilizations will be in the air. Therefore, we shall give more importance to aviation. "

Program Duration and Degree
2 years, Associate Degree

Campus Location
Topkapı Campus

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Aircraft Technology Workshop

Our mission
The main purpose of the Aircraft Technology Program is to train qualified experts in the field of "Aircraft Technology" who will work in all national and international companies in the sector. The main goal is to train aircraft technology technicians, who must closely follow the latest technical and scientific developments, as individuals who work and think in the light of scientific data at international standards, and to fill the gap of qualified manpower in this field.

School Language

Which Jobs Can You Do After Graduation?
Graduates with the title of "Aircraft Technology Technician" can work as technical personnel in companies engaged in manufacturing in the aviation industry or in companies that carry out large-scale maintenance and repair. Students, in line with qualifications gained, can also work in the departments related to project, planning and construction in companies serving the aviation sector.

What will you learn?

You will receive training on Introduction to Aircraft and Aviation, Basic Electricity, Basic Electronics, Aircraft Maintenance Applications, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Structures and Applications, Aircraft Systems and Applications,  Electronic Indication Systems, Gas Turbine Engines and Applications, Propeller, Cockpit Instruments,  Communication, Navigation and Electrical Power. Your training will include extensive English courses including the Aviation English. You will also be trained on computer literacy.


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Which job positions will be appropriate for you?

An aircraft maintenance technician may work at:

  • Periodical Maintenance of the aircrafts
  • Repair and Troubleshooting of Aircrafts.
  • Planning of maintenance work.
  • Base maintenance
  • Line maintenance
  • Technical duties assigned by the management

Which Uni Entrance Exam Score is needed?

In accordance with DGS exam results, you may transfer to …
Electrical Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Aviation Electrical and Electronics, Aeronautics and Space Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Pilotage, Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Airframe-Engine Maintenance Four Years Degree Programs.

What are the job requirements for the graduates of AIRCRAFT TECHNOLOGY Program: (ÖSYM OSYM Special Condition Code 49)

  • Not having any Criminal Records or Criminal Records Archives that would prevent him from obtainingan airport entrance card. (Apron Kartı) 


  • Obtaining a health report from a full-fledged hospital stating that there is no health problem that will prevent him from performing his profession and/or the task assigned in the profession (color blindness, hearing loss/deficiency, vision loss/deficiency, etc.)