Vocational School

Culinary Arts

About Program

Education Period and Graduation Degree: 2 years, Associate Degree


The Proffessions That You Can Do After Graduation

With the title of “Kitchen Professional” you will receive upon your graduation, you can work in touristic certified businesses, restaurants, catering companies, airplane-ship-train-bus-hospital kitchens; as chef, assistant chef, butcher, cold kitchen chef, a la carte chef etc. with ranks; researcher chef, culinary scientist, food and beverage manager, catering manager, kitchen manager, restaurant coordinator, restaurant manager, etc. You can work in staff. You can also serve the community under the names of food researcher, food writer, food processor, food stylist, food architect, menu developer, recipe developer, food and beverage educator…


What Will You Learn?

You will be able to understand the basic concepts and theories of the culinary profession, you will gain the ability to explain and analyze the facts about food and beverage using these basic concepts and theories, you will have knowledge and methods on various subjects such as menu planning, cooking methods, world cuisines, local cuisines, and will have knowledge of food and beverage terminology. Also you will be able to master the subtleties of Turkish cuisine, and you will be able to prepare local Turkish cuisine recipes. You will be able to prepare dishes of different country cuisines by having local cuisine knowledge and application skills. Of course, you will also learn enough English to better serve foreigners and research your field.


According to your Vertical Transfer Exam Result...

You can continue your career journey by transitioning to Undergraduate programs that provide education in Family and Consumer Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics, Gastronomy, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Culinary Arts and Management, Food and Beverage Management.